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LoVeholics anonymous

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9/7/10 06:58 pm - spikeshunny - Miss these guys !

2/10/08 05:36 pm - dmitup - multifandom post

54 icons
Kate Winslet,Jason Dohring (Veronica Mars and Moonlight), Gossip girl cast, Twilight (edward/bella and Edward/Rosalie), Clemence Poesy,Ashley and Zac,Dexter, Buffy the vampire slayer.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
all of the icons@_heatxdamage

2/5/08 02:44 am - spikeshunny - LoVe Wallies


2/5/08 02:03 am - spikeshunny - Logan/Veronica arts

Some old Logan/Veronica artwork some banners are from manipulations i did over a year ago all are snaggable so long as you credit.

LoVeCollapse )

12/30/07 11:29 am - smelltheflowers

Spanning years and continents. Lives ruined, bloodshed. Epic.

Join epiclovelims!

epiclovelims is a Last Icon Maker Standing competition dedicated to the romantic relationship between Logan Echolls and Veronica Mars from the TV show Veronica Mars.

I'm still a diehard fan of the show, and of this particular pairing, and was really disappointed to discover that most Logan / Veronica communities have now died out or are less active. I know I can't be the only one who still loves this couple, so I decided to make a LIMS dedicated to them :)

All skill sets are welcome, all that's required to participate is support and an interest in these two star-crossed lovers.

Sign-Ups are Here and don't forget to Join and Friend the community!

6/14/07 01:50 pm - dreamtmemory - 14 Icons

01-11 Veronica Mars
12-14 Multifandom

(more here)

6/12/07 07:33 pm - tough_c0okie

[001-108]Grey's Anatomy
[109-141]Kate Walsh
[142-158]Veronica Mars



more hereeee

X-posted to so many places, sorry

6/9/07 09:29 pm - xblondecutieo23 - Huge batch! 80 icons.

[45] Icons: Friday Night Lights cast.
[7] Headers: Friday Night Lights
[80] Icons: Veronica Mars eps 1.04 - 1.10
[3] Headers: Kristen Bell


More here...

5/28/07 12:04 pm - xblondecutieo23 - LoVe, 1.02 and 1.03 icons.

Okay, onto another batch of VM icons. Here is 1.02 and 1.03 icons as well as random LoVe icons that I just had to do. Lol. Credit to vm-caps again and wowsugarpuss_

[17] Icons: Logan/Veronica
[14] Icons: VM 1.03
[9] Icons: VM 1.02


More here...

5/21/07 08:28 pm - xblondecutieo23 - New icons!

New icons from I Know What You'll Do Next Summer and the Pilot Episode. =]


More here...
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